Saturday, August 4, 2012

Show us your window treatments!

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us your window treatments."I apologize I do not have the best pictures of my drapes/curtains. Here are mine....
My mom and I made these drapes for my living room.

Kitchen curtains...still working on trim.

We also make these drapes for my bedroom.

These are my favorite! I wanted a rich, victorian look.  

Found these pretty drapes at Hobby Lobby for a steal of a deal! 
These are not my favorite but I made them by myself, which is an accomplishment.

Well that's about it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Accessory dAsH**

I have to spread the word on my friend's new business "Accessory Dash."  It's a fun way to shop for the latest trends in accessories.  If you are on Facebook, make sure you "LIKE" Accessory Dash.  It goes down every Wednesday night at 8:00 pm central.  If you see an item you like be the first to write "sold" and your email address that is connected with a paypal account. (there are specific instructions on the website)  Make sure you join the fun!  Here are some pics of what to expect....


Friday, June 15, 2012


SHOW US YOUR LIFE: Master and Guest bedrooms

Kelly's Korner is hosting show us your master and guest bedrooms.  Mine are still works in progress, but here goes....


I am thankful my mom knows how to sew because she helped me make the
exact curtains I envisioned!

Just the necessities: Bible, prayer book, remote, and yes some US Weekly magazines.
 Got to stay up-to-date on my celebrity gossip.

I received this jewelry stand for Christmas 3 years ago and had no idea how much I would use it.
I LOVE IT!  Every girl that loves her accessories needs one!

GUEST BEDROOM/ junk room

The fun turquoise curtains came from Hobby Lobby.  I made the framed piece of art (all supplies from Hobby Lobby) over the bed.

Fun pillow from Stein Mart.  I made table skirt from materials at Hobby Lobby.
Frame from a booth at Canton, TX.

I love this!! I found it at the "Queen of the Trailer Park" booth at Canton.
She has amazing pieces of wall art!

Rooms are still in the process of being completed, but this is what I have so far! Happy Touring!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Church was amazing today! I am so glad to be reminded of how much our God loves us.  God sent his only son to pay the price for our sins.  And I couldn't imagine people witnessing Jesus' hanging on the cross, especially Mary.  We watched a clip from "The Passion" movie while some members of our church band sang...it's truly heartbreaking to watch a scene of what Jesus endured for us.  I will admit I have never watched the whole movie but do not know if I can handle it.  The few scenes I have seen break my heart.  We are so blessed and I'm so thankful that God loves us so much.

Please check this out...
He has risen!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Spring to me!

I posted a few weeks ago about debating whether to purchase a windows or Mac computer.......My decision:

I'm still learning how to use it...it may take awhile.  In fact, I'm having a hard time finding the pictures to post.  I've heard nothing but awesome things about Mac computers and most people encouraged me to get one.  I look forward to learning all the tricks with this new computer!  If anyone has any tips/tricks please let me know!

Also my sister was kind enough to fill my pots with an assortment of plants/flowers.  I think they turned out great!

Now I still have one pot left to do that is in my front yard.....oh decisions decisions....I will leave that for my 3 day weekend that is coming up!
Wishing everyone a happy Monday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I bought 2 paintings from a "starving artist" sale in Shreveport back in January.  I have already hung one painting in my bedroom but the other painting I was waiting on a frame.  I finally found one at Hobby Lobby but I had to wait until they had it in stock.  AND.. of course I had to wait until it was 50% off! Well it took forever but I finally was able to get it up on the wall!

I'm excited! Now I am thinking sconces on either side of the picture and add some sort of trim to the curtain on the window....we'll see!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Williams Syndrome

I would like to share how my family has come to be familiar with Williams Syndrome.  Bare with me, I'll try to condense the story...

About 3 years ago, my sister announced she was pregnant--we were ecstatic to say the least.  We could not wait to meet this precious baby that was due October 31, 2009. They had a difficult time getting pregnant so this was music to our ears.  My sister's pregnancy went well up until the 5th month.
She found a sore lump in her stomach which the doctors said was a fibroid tumor.  The doctors planned to keep an eye on it throughout the rest of her pregnancy and she was introduced to a high-risk doctor just in case.  My sister was advised to continue as she normally would, not to stress.  Come September, my sister woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pains in her stomach so my brother-in-law rushed her to the ER.  Our fear was happening...she was going into labor too early.  She was admitted into the hospital to stop the labor, which was successful.
 After a few days in the hospital, she was released but on strict bed rest at home.  She would have to go to the doctor 2 times a week for checkups.
On October 13, Jenny thought it would be another typical day at her routine doctor's visit...but it was not.  They called the doctor in because her baby's heartrate was dropping.  They quickly decided to do an emergency C-section.  Late morning on October 13, 2009, we met Jared Camon Stowell.  We thought finally the stress of the pregnancy is over and he is here.  Little did we know, the stress was not over it was beginning...

Camon was considered a preemie and was having trouble breathing, along with other issues.  He had to be transported to another hospital in town to the NICU.  He remained in NICU for almost 2 weeks for further testing and health reasons. It was a great day bringing him home.

While at home, my mom had mentioned how Camon continued to have swollen eyes so my sister brought it up to Camon's pediatrician.  They ran a few tests and my sister was given a call one afternoon that his thyroid tests came back and he needs further testing very soon.  The only pediatric endocrinologist in Shreveport was out of town so he made arrangements for Camon at Dallas Children's hospital.  There, Camon was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and adrenal gland deficiency.  No one wants to take their child to a hospital but this specific hospital was an amazing place.  They did a great job all-around..educating and witnessing on how "God gives special babies to special parents". So true!
Well we all thought we had everything figured out until about a month after Christmas, Camon was sick again.  They took him to the doctor, where he coded 2 times because he could not breathe. This was the scariest day ever! God spared his life and we later found out he had RSV.  While in the hospital, many more tests were done.  This is when we came to find out Camon had Williams Syndrome.  My family not only did not know what this syndrome was, but we had never even heard of it.
 Williams Syndrome is caused by a deletion of a chromosome.  It is associated with medical problems, learning disabilities, highly social personalities, and a love for music. They have distinct facial features such as a small upturned nose, wide mouth, full lips, and puffiness around the eyes.  It affects 1 in 10,000 worldwide, so Camon is our special baby!  He is the most loving baby!  Camon has been such a blessing to our family, has brought our family closer in many ways.  I truly believe God gives special babies to special parents.  God never tells us it will be easy but we know it will all be rewarding! Camon is only 2 years old, has many issues, and still has many things to work through but I pray that he touches people's lives as he lives. I know he has touched my life and will forever hold a special place in my heart.
I wanted to tell this story because I hope this will spread the awareness of Williams Syndrome, even if in a small way.