Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's on your TV??

Life can be crazy at times but I love escaping my reality to watch good tv shows or movies.  A good show/movie can brighten your day!  (I have to admit I am thankful for DVR because I record my shows and watch them on my own pace.)

This is an entertaining show that has humor, investigating, and  of course tension between the detective and writer!
I usually enjoy watching the bachelor, but this season I have actually taken it off my recordings.  Now if I do not have anything going on I will occasionally watch but I'm not a big of fan of all the stuff and person he ends up with. (Yes I looked at realitysteve.com)
I love this show! I love the way they dress, did their hair, etc.  I think I would have loved to live in this time!

Ok, I got into this show because of how much I loved the original 90210.  It's not the best but I find myself still watching it.

I just came across this show before Thanksgiving and love it! It's so cute and not too much drama but there is a love triangle, which is always intriguing!

To be honest, I probably would not watch this BUT it's based on a town that  is 25 minutes from me.  A lot of it is filmed in Shreveport/Bossier City area so I always recognize people in the background...that's kinda cool. I do find it funny that I watch this show seeing how I do not even like watching fighting.

I do love watching American Idol.  It's so funny how it can spark up conversation among random people.

Now this show can make me literally laugh out loud.  It even has the effect of making me laugh the next day by just thinking of what happened!

Well that's what is on my TV!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you wanna be an EEE?

“Hey little girl, girl what you want to be now that you’re at OBU? We work, we play, we study some, but all in all we’re gonna have a lot of fun……”

Nine years ago, I heard this song being sung outside and was hoping it was for me...IT WAS!! That weekend I joined a sisterhood of friends at Ouachita Baptist University.  This particular weekend changed my experience at OBU and my life for the better!  I was invited to join the social club of the EEEs.  Ouachita Baptist is a private school that follows strict traditions…they have social clubs which are the same as sororities but not nationally known.   Many people do not agree and/or do not feel that they should join a social club/ sorority.  I fully support that but for me it was a sure blessing to become an EEE.  I knew about the EEEs from when my older sister attended OBU.  I loved the idea of having a tight friendship with tons of girls.  It encourages you to know things about each one of your members and REALLY get to know them through different experiences.  Our many experiences actually brought us all closer together.  We learned the basics of being there for each other…putting “sisters before misters.”  We had fellowship in bible studies. We had our own inside jokes.  We met people through fun/creative mixers.  We have a bond that will last for years to come.  I still talk and meet up with my EEE sisters years later.  It truly changed my life!
I’m excited for this new pledge class that was created this weekend and hope they make many memories and long-lasting friendships.

Here are just a few pics of being an EEE…
80s Mixer

Pledge Class 2003

Oh the tacky red suits...but it was tradition!
Tiger Tunes Champs 2003!!! An amazing experience!

"It just keeps getting better... since 1925"
Please check it out www.womenofeee.com

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trusting in God's Timing...

About 2 weeks ago, my dad was laid off from work.  My dad is a landman, he does research for oil companies, and unfortunately being laid off in his line of work is somewhat common.  If anyone or anyone close to you has ever been laid off it is somewhat nerve racking.  It can even be hard emotionally, physically, and financially on a family.  In the landman business, if business is slow many times the company will let you go so they do not have to pay you.  When they get more business in they will rehire again.  It’s a vicious cycle, but this how the companies save money.  I am sad for my dad because it is not just a job for him…he loves it and is good at it. So much that he is also on the board of landman in the area.   It’s more of a hobby to him.  Also my dad has hand tremors and has been in the process of possibly being diagnosed with parkinsons disease.  This stressful situation is probably not ideal for him.  BUT my dad has a great attitude and KNOWS he must trust in God and his timing.  Sometimes God must close one door before opening a new one. 

My family had dinner tonight and was asking my dad about the update on his job situation.  He was upbeat and told us he was given some temporary work to help someone out.  But as we were talking, everyone started mentioning the fear that’s involved in the waiting process.  Isn’t it funny when we don’t see quick answers to our prayers, doubt can start to weigh in?  And isn’t it amazing how we can let fear/worry start to take over?  If only we had God’s perspective.  It says in Romans 8:28 that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him.”  As I was reading some online article it reminded me of how we can see bad sitations from a personal view instead of an eternal point of view.  As we trust God to work good out of our bad situation, we should see how he blesses us as we experience it.  His timing and purposes may be much greater than we could imagine.  God may be using our lives as a witness.  You never know who is watching and if it could lead to an opportunity to share Christ with them.  WOW. This reminded me of how selfish I can be.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm still worried for my dad but reminded how we should completely trust in God. Only he knows when the right door should be opened.

So I will end on a verse my family will rely on 

"The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.  Those who know your name will trsut in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you."            Psalm 9:9-10

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeling Thankful....

My family (minus Camon)

I don't know about yall, but my life tends to be crazy, chaotic closer to and during the holiday season.  I actually love the chaos because there is not a whole lot going on after the holidays.  I tend to get bored and it's kinda depressing.  I also try not to go shopping because I'm trying to give my bank account and credit cards a break from the holiday season, ha.  This time is making me appreciate a few of the good things in my life: I have to say that I am very thankful for my family who is always there for me and friends to do things with...as well as browsing blogs and pinterest.  Oh what I would do without pinterest?! Encouraging everyone to count your blessings...
My precious nephew, Camon

Yes, we randomly roll our friends (never too old for this)
Thankful for friends to go on cruises with.
Friends to dress up with....

Random dinner nights just because..

An awesome roommate!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kinley Nicole has made her debut!

Tuesday, January 17, Kinley Nicole arrived here to meet the MANY family and friends that have been long awaiting her arrival.  One of my long-time best friends, Tori Johnson, had her first child.  She was a pro and did great during the birth.  I'm so happy for her and her family.  Here are some pics of this beautiful girl:

This says it all!
I clearly did not want to return to work! ha


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Productive Weekend

So I have mentioned my friend, Tori, is due any day now.  I have the sewing itch and volunteered to make her a decorative towel for the bathroom.  (Apparently I cannot sew in a straight line.)  I thought it would be project that would take a short amount of time....WRONG! I messed up and had to rip the seam and start over.  I guess over time and the more I sew, the better I will get.  Here is a picture of the towel:
Don't look too close...you'll see the flaws, ha.
So a week ago today my sister and I went to the starving artist sale in Shreveport.  It was my first time and it's really cool.  They have all these different beautiful paintings, different sizes, for GREAT prices! I bought 2!  I had my family over for dinner tonight and put the boys to work to hang my picture in my bedroom.  The other one I will hang in my kitchen, but I'm holding out for a specific frame.

I love this...it reminds me of New Orleans!
This painting will go in my kitchen, hopefully within the next month.

 And thanks to Pinterest, I made 2 recipes from the website tonight.  I made crockpot enchiladas and oreo punch-hole cake.  They were both a success!
Here is the recipe for crockpot enchiladas:
1 lb. ground beef
1 small onion, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 can ranch style beans, drained
1 can rotel tomatoes, drained
1 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp pepper and salt
1/4 garlic powder
2 cups of shredded colby jack cheese
8 flour tortillas
1 can red enchiladas sauce

cook beefor until done; drain.  meanwhile saute onion and bell pepper in oil under tender.  add onion and pepper to beef.  stir in beans, tomatoes, chili powder, salt, cumin, pepper and garlic powder.  in a slow cooker place two tortillas side by side, overlapping.  layer with beef mixture and cheese then repeat 2 more layers.  Lastly pour enchiladas sauce over all.  cook on low for 2-3 hours.

oreo punch-hole cake
1 box of duncan hines dark chocolate fudge cake box
2 pkgs of instant oreo pudding 
4 cups of milk
crushed oreo

cook cake as box says in 9x13 pan.  when cake is finished, while still warm, poke holes all over cake using a wooden spoon handle.  pour pudding mixture over warm cake.  allow the cake to cool for several minutes on the counter then put into fridge to set up about an hour.  Then sprinkle oreos on top.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sweetest Sound

My nephew is so precious to me and his laugh is the sweetest sound.
(please excuse the nasty bib ha)

Have a great Saturday!!! Go SAINTS!!

(I had the hardest time posting video from my iphone and it does not look great...Can anyone give me some pointers?)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"They fell on their faces and were greatly afraid.  But Jesus came and touched them and said, "Arise and do not be afraid."           Matthew 17:6-7

I'm a worrier.  I have anxiety just about everything...not to the point where I cannot function but it can consume my thoughts. My worries can range from very small things to very important things.  I have, what I like to call, "white coat syndrome."  This is funny to me because I work in the medical field.  I cannot really explain why I have this, but when I go to a doctor my pulse and blood pressure steadily rise.  I laugh at myself and usually jokingly warn the nurse. It also may be because I do not go to the doctor that often, except for the usual sinus infection.  But I also worry about my financial state.  I have a great job, but I know through experiences ANYTHING can happen at ANY moment.  Worrying not only consumes my thoughts, but holds me back from things due to fear.  These are just a few things/reasons that I stress over.  This is something God and I have been working on.  He reminds us "Don't be afraid, take courage. I am here!" Matthew 14:27

I always turn to scripture and even christian lyrics for wisdom/comfort.  In Proverbs 24:10 it says "If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength."  In times of trouble, you learn who you really are.  It can show your character and can make you grow stronger.  The trouble we face today/ tomorrow helps train you to be strong for the more difficult situations you face in the future. I know this to be true.  My family has been through some tough times in the past few years and one thing I know to be true....GOD IS FAITHFUL!  He never said things would be easy, but God is always there for us.  A close family member of mine will be going through a stressful time in the coming days and this all reminds me we must turn to God for direction and trust in him and is timing. It's not always easy but well worth it!

ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOTE: My LSU Tigers did not win on Monday.  It was a very hard game to watch because they were not playing to their full potential.  In fact, they looked like a total different team...not like the team they were that went undefeated this past season.  Although they did not win, we still had fun celebrating their road to the BCS game.  Here are some pictures from Monday:
Camon supporting, cheering on the tigers!

We, along with patients, dressed to support our teams at work

Most of the guys at work.
I still like Kristen, despite her choice in teams, ha.

The great group of girls at the LSU party!
Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


WOW! Proud of them NOLA SAINTS!!! What a great game!! No we are all gearing up for the BIG ONE!! Yes that's right--BCS Championship tomorrow night! I'm anxiously awaiting this big game.  I am very proud of the LSU Tigers undefeated season and hope they play their best to finish it off that way. It will be a fun day tomorrow seeing how we are all dressing up and tailgating at lunch at work...then off to watch the big game with some great friends.  There will be much talking and eating going on tomorrow.
Just finished making a large batch of these....invisioned something better, but they taste good!
It could be an exciting week altogether...One of my best friends, Tori, could have her baby at any time now.  We hung out yesterday and made some picture frames to add that last touch to her baby room.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

*Random: Could anyone suggest a good bible study? My friends and I are wanting to start one and up for suggestions??

Friday, January 6, 2012

Love Karen Kingsbury

It's been one good, but busy week returning back to work.  In my limited spare time, I have been consumed with reading "Longing" by Karen Kingsbury.  Let me first start off by saying that I have never been a huge reader.  The book that started my interest in reading is "Redeeming love" by Francine Rivers.  It is a christian fiction book that is based off of the book of Hosea in the Bible.  This book shows you what true love is, God's love.  I highly recommend it.
Well "Redeeming Love" got me started in christian fiction books...which I love! Well I think it was my sister who introduced the author, Karen Kingsbury to me.  She is an amazing author!  I have read almost all of her books and they are VERY hard to put down. I am currently in the middle of reading her latest book out, "Longing."  When I'm done I will have to wait 2 more months until the next book comes out in the series. OOHH the anticipation! ha

Well I definitely recommend everyone should pick up a Karen Kingsbury book (I would start with the redemption series).

P.S.  Don't forget to watch the SAINTS play tomorrow!!!! WHO DAT?!?!!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve and New Years Day! The holidays are officially over and gone. I have been off work the past week and these last few days have flown by.  I have enjoyed my rest and hanging with friends and family.  I think my dream job would be working part-time...there never seems to be enough hours in the day when you are working full-time. Well maybe one day....
So I have 2 friends that got a good deal on an old monogramming machine.  Can we say EXCITED?! Yes, I am "that" southern girl that would monogram any and everything if I could!! But talking of monogramming had me wanting to sew.  Last Christmas I got a sewing machine, which I wanted.  The problem is I am not that knowledgeable on sewing.  (I hope to expand my knowledge of the sewing world in the future.)  However, my friend, Britney and her husband came over to help me with making curtains for my bathroom window and to set up the monogramming machine. I wanted to make something easy so I searched the internet for curtain ideas.  Here are some pictures of the process:
Is this what sewing fun looks like? yes!

Our almost finished projects...it was LATE so we were calling it a night.
Finished product! It was my first project completely solo so it does have its flaws, but did I mention I made it by myself??
Oh and we are still having a few problems with the monogramming machine so we could not use it yet...

New years eve my family and friends gathered for a fish fry and some competitive game playing.  There was some great food and even better desserts!  We played the game "Guestures"...GUYS vs GIRLS! Who do you think dominated???
haha...We are very proud winners because the guys kept trying to cheat.  I guess it doesn't pay off to cheat boys!  Here are some people in action


We ended the night playing "Apple to Apples."  It never gets old bringing out good old fashion games! It was a fun new years eve night!

Now we had to get in bed not too long after midnight because we had to hit up the "BIG" Dillards' Sale! ( I am not condoning missing church for a sale...we were bad.) Every new years day, Dillards puts everything on sale and extra 50% off.  It's comparable to black friday! I got a set of CuisineArt pots and pans that are originally $160 for $40!!! And 8 crystal glasses for $20.  Very proud of the deals.

I say every season I will not watch "The Bachelor" anymore but it always seems to appear on my television! I do not like how they seem to stage so much drama and how mean girls can be to each other...but it is entertaining to watch the extravagant dates.  I keep hoping they will choose to pick Emily Maynard as the bachelorette next time.  I think she is beautiful and seems so sweet.  We'll have to wait it out and see...
Happy Monday!