Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beauty Buys and more...

For the past month I've been trying not to spend a whole lot of money.  I've done pretty well, but now I've been having the itch to shop. Although I haven't gone crazy and bought tons, I thought I would share the items I did purchase because I'm a fan.
This spray not only protects your hair, but helps hold the style you create.
It really worked...although I think I should have used a smaller curling iron. It held without a hard/stiff texture to my hair. 
I really didn't even need to touch up my hair the next morning getting ready for church.

Also I bought some new blush...still testing it out but I'm thinking I'm a liking...

I really like Biore cleansing products because I feel it really takes make-up off.
Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub - 5 oz..Opens in a new window
On other notes:
A prayer request was answered....My dad was offered a job!!! yay! He started about a week ago and he really likes the man he is working for.  We are so thankful this opportunity was offered because my dad really does enjoy his work.  We will continue to pray about his job situation because we do not know how long this one will last.  We hope when this job is done another one will present itself.

WHITNEY HOUSTON DIED!! OMG!  I'm so sad! Although Whitney has not been on the right track the past few years, I grew up LOVING her! She had an amazing voice and I'm so sad she has passed away.  I was hoping she would completely turn her life around and make a comeback! I'm hoping they will do a tribute to her on the Grammys tonight....we will see.

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