Sunday, February 5, 2012


Don't you love when you get a last minute call to attend a good concert because your friend has an extra ticket? I DO!!!!! Thursday I get a phone call from my friend Allison....wondering if I would be interested in seeing Kelly Clarkson in concert Saturday night. Ummm..yes I would love to!  So Allison, her mom, and brother's girlfriend, and I went to eat and to the concert...It was a girls night out at the concert. And let me mention not only did we get hooked up with tickets...they were in the middle section on the 5th row!!! We were in heaven!

Matt Nathanson was opening up for her, and although I only knew of one of his songs, he put on a good show.  He was was very funny in-between songs and kept us entertained. I took a few pics on my iphone, but it still is not the best quality.  I could never capture his face, but I did get a short video of him.

Kelly Clarkson did not disappoint!  She has such an amazing voice!  She was so personable with the audience and seemed genuinely happy to be there. I like the fact that she is not a typical size 0 like the rest of the industry. ( I do however think she does not always dress for her body type.)  She's so down to earth--I think we could be friends. ha.  She even mentioned how she was nervous about singing before the Super Bowl today, but I think she will do great!! If you haven't seen her in concert, you should definitely make a point to see her.

I think I forget how much fun concerts can be! Looking forward to my next one....

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