Saturday, February 11, 2012

Exercise: Needing Motivation??

Growing up I have always been very active.  I have a bachelor degree in Community Health (aka Exercise Science) and I have an associate degree in Physical Therapy Asst.  You would think I would be a fitness guru....I'm not.  The past 2 years I have had a hard time staying consistent in working out....either I am too tired or go through phases of having a lot to do.  It is soo easy to push exercise out of the way.  I hate this because when you get out of a routine, it is hard to get back into it, especially if you do not have an accountability partner.  I let my membership at the gym expire this past October and tried to exercise on my own...haven't been too successful.  Lately I have had the best intentions of exercising, but the hardest time following through with them.  Recently my friend, Britney and I made a pact to workout 3 times a week.  We plan on exercising 2 days a week together for at least 30 min.  The 3rd day is on our own. Our goal that we are aiming for is...

Okay so we may not end up looking exactly like these girls, but it's a good goal to strive for, huh?  Our workouts may vary, but this past week I came up with a routine that definitely gets your heart pumping. I thought I would share it:
Treadmill 5 min. 
(Either jog or walk at a fast pace)

15 sec increments for 5 min.
-jumping jacks
-squat jumps
-high knee running in place
-creep walk front/back

Treadmill 5 min.
(run at fast pace 30 sec., walk 30 sec. repeat)

15 sec increments for 5 min.

Core Routine for 30 sec. each
-basic crunches
-bicycle crunches
-flutter kicks

It may not be the best and longest workout routine, but it's a start. Like I said, if you do them all with good form, it will not only get your heart pumping, it will tone too.  I have a hard time doing one activity for a long time because I get bored and then want to quit early, so I do best with a interval workout routine.  I will let you know if we find a fun,yet good exercise dvd in our process.

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