Wednesday, February 29, 2012

**FACEBOOK trends to look out for

I can thank my friend, Hilary, for making me obsessed with "Jewelry Nut Auctions" and "Accessory Auctions."  These 2 pages on facebook auction off some cute accessories while making it fun.  Sometimes there are limited supplies so you have to be the first to type your name in to claim it!  I bid/won a turquoise scarf with my initials monogrammed on it! LOVE IT!
I definitely recommend everyone check it out!

Also, I recently came across a page "Wrapped In Him."  A high schooler, Kyndall Miller, created this page in hopes that people would help her raise enough money to go on a mission trip to the Amazon River.  She is making these super cute bracelets and selling them.

Let me know if you find any fabulous finds!


  1. Love that scarf and those bracelets! The bracelets look great layered! Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! I'm giving away a cute 14k gold bracelet!