Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do you wanna be an EEE?

“Hey little girl, girl what you want to be now that you’re at OBU? We work, we play, we study some, but all in all we’re gonna have a lot of fun……”

Nine years ago, I heard this song being sung outside and was hoping it was for me...IT WAS!! That weekend I joined a sisterhood of friends at Ouachita Baptist University.  This particular weekend changed my experience at OBU and my life for the better!  I was invited to join the social club of the EEEs.  Ouachita Baptist is a private school that follows strict traditions…they have social clubs which are the same as sororities but not nationally known.   Many people do not agree and/or do not feel that they should join a social club/ sorority.  I fully support that but for me it was a sure blessing to become an EEE.  I knew about the EEEs from when my older sister attended OBU.  I loved the idea of having a tight friendship with tons of girls.  It encourages you to know things about each one of your members and REALLY get to know them through different experiences.  Our many experiences actually brought us all closer together.  We learned the basics of being there for each other…putting “sisters before misters.”  We had fellowship in bible studies. We had our own inside jokes.  We met people through fun/creative mixers.  We have a bond that will last for years to come.  I still talk and meet up with my EEE sisters years later.  It truly changed my life!
I’m excited for this new pledge class that was created this weekend and hope they make many memories and long-lasting friendships.

Here are just a few pics of being an EEE…
80s Mixer

Pledge Class 2003

Oh the tacky red suits...but it was tradition!
Tiger Tunes Champs 2003!!! An amazing experience!

"It just keeps getting better... since 1925"
Please check it out www.womenofeee.com


  1. Hahahaahaaa I love all of the memories that we made!

  2. I just randomly found your blog and I HAVE to tell you that I am so excited! My sister Katie (ironically) is going to OBU and just rushed and is pledging this week for EEE! How ironic is that!


  3. Hey Ashley! I'm so excited for your sister. I hope this week she makes so many memories and laughs instead of get stressed out. This pledge week was made for bonding! I hope her EEE experience changes her OBU experience for the better!