Monday, January 2, 2012


Hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve and New Years Day! The holidays are officially over and gone. I have been off work the past week and these last few days have flown by.  I have enjoyed my rest and hanging with friends and family.  I think my dream job would be working part-time...there never seems to be enough hours in the day when you are working full-time. Well maybe one day....
So I have 2 friends that got a good deal on an old monogramming machine.  Can we say EXCITED?! Yes, I am "that" southern girl that would monogram any and everything if I could!! But talking of monogramming had me wanting to sew.  Last Christmas I got a sewing machine, which I wanted.  The problem is I am not that knowledgeable on sewing.  (I hope to expand my knowledge of the sewing world in the future.)  However, my friend, Britney and her husband came over to help me with making curtains for my bathroom window and to set up the monogramming machine. I wanted to make something easy so I searched the internet for curtain ideas.  Here are some pictures of the process:
Is this what sewing fun looks like? yes!

Our almost finished projects...it was LATE so we were calling it a night.
Finished product! It was my first project completely solo so it does have its flaws, but did I mention I made it by myself??
Oh and we are still having a few problems with the monogramming machine so we could not use it yet...

New years eve my family and friends gathered for a fish fry and some competitive game playing.  There was some great food and even better desserts!  We played the game "Guestures"...GUYS vs GIRLS! Who do you think dominated???
haha...We are very proud winners because the guys kept trying to cheat.  I guess it doesn't pay off to cheat boys!  Here are some people in action


We ended the night playing "Apple to Apples."  It never gets old bringing out good old fashion games! It was a fun new years eve night!

Now we had to get in bed not too long after midnight because we had to hit up the "BIG" Dillards' Sale! ( I am not condoning missing church for a sale...we were bad.) Every new years day, Dillards puts everything on sale and extra 50% off.  It's comparable to black friday! I got a set of CuisineArt pots and pans that are originally $160 for $40!!! And 8 crystal glasses for $20.  Very proud of the deals.

I say every season I will not watch "The Bachelor" anymore but it always seems to appear on my television! I do not like how they seem to stage so much drama and how mean girls can be to each other...but it is entertaining to watch the extravagant dates.  I keep hoping they will choose to pick Emily Maynard as the bachelorette next time.  I think she is beautiful and seems so sweet.  We'll have to wait it out and see...
Happy Monday!


  1. Love the leopard print! How cute...the curtain turned out great :) Happy New Year!